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Irish Dance Accessories

Irish Dance Tiaras, Headbands, Earrings. We have it all

Stand out even further with one of our traditional tiaras or earrings for Irish Dancing. Simply beautiful. Sparkle your way to the top.

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Princess Crystal 2 inch hairband
Beautiful, custom made by Celtic Creations, 2 inches high, high sparkle crystal hairband.  ..
The Dancer. Steps From The Dark
After a fire at her home, 15-year-old ballet dancer Alex is taken from the life she loves and for..
Timid Tara the Little Irish Dancer
Will she dance just like her confident cousin or will she be too shy to perform? Tara is a te..
 6mm Clear Sparkle Crystal Earrings
Irish Dance Crystal Earrings - Simple, Effective and Sparkly! ..
1.25" High Hairband Tiara
Beautiful 1.25" high tiara of clear AND AB crystals - this would look GORGEOUS in front of a cove..
15mm Stud Earrings
Beautiful diamonte earring fushia pink or AB - introductory price offer £5 ..
This beautiful bag is the newest to our collection of dance accessories.  It is roughly 14.5..
bBold Self Tan
A high performance tanning solution with innovative non streak techology that has been specifical..
buckles LARGE CRYSTAL - on elastic or metal
Beautiful, sparkly 1.5 inches high tiara - perfect for the front of bun wigs. ..
Christmas Stocking irish Dance
Irish Dancer Christmas Stocking! ..
Beautiful 13 1/2 inch silver and white texture figurine of modern girl irish dancer. Boy also..
Dress Shields for Irish Dance Dresses
Irish Dance dress shields for underarm of costumes, Keeps the dress fresh and sweat free! 3 pairs..
Gorgeous flowers with crocodile clip AND pink on back - AS SHOWN ON OUR MODELS HEAD/PROFILE PICTU..
Hairband - 5 flower AB crystal
Beautiful, bright and full - 5 flowers across to emphasise any stage appearance.  AB only ..
Hairband - Crystal Queenie 2 3/4 inches high
The ULTIMATE in hairbands for irish dancing.  This bright crystal hairband stands 2 3/4 inch..
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hairband diamonte circle
2.5 inch hich beautiful diamonte AB crystal irish dancing hairband ..
Hairclip crystal flower
Gorgeous flower in bright colours for attaching and emphasing a hairband or in front or behind a ..
Hairclip Double flower crystal
Gorgeous double flower irish dancing crystal hair clip - perfect for bun wigs or to accessorise a..
Katie Daly Irish Dancing Rag Doll
Katie Daly our Irish Dancing Rag Doll  Standing at 15 inches tall she is beautifully mad..
Kickpants satin
Satin Kickpants – made in almost any colour required - from £11.50 Age 6 – hip 26inches ..
Number holder - crystal - 3 designs
Choice of 3 crystal number holders - exclusive to celtic creations   ..
Ribbon Sash
Ribbon Sash for Irish Dancing. Printed with whatever writing you request. ..
Sale Diamante Socks,  Championship Length
SPECIAL OFFER  2 for £9   These newly designed irish dancing socks have become a ..
Sale Socks,  Championship Length
SPECIAL OFFER  4 for £6   These newly designed irish dancing socks have become a ..
Tablet Case 26cmx 26cm
cushioned material to protect the tablet with diamonte dancer. ..
The Little Book of Inspiration
The Little Book of Inspiration - for Irish Dancing ..
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 TIARA - Pyramid 2.5" high
Beautiful Pyramid shape combslide tiara - suitable for the front of bun wigs. 2.5" high, high spa..
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15mm Bow Earrings
exclusive celtic creations bow 15mm earrings - fushia or AB - introductory price £5 ..
15mm Crown Earrings
beautiful crown design - exclusive to celtic creations AB or Fushia - introductory price offer ..
4 & 5.5"  Diamonte Bows
4 inch and 5.5 inch diamonte bows. Celtic Creations have these bows manufactured so they match th..
Dance Tiara - Crown 2" high
Beautiful combslide tiara - suitable for front of a bun wig . 2 inches high ..
Dance Tiara - Flowerburst 2 " high
bright crystal 2 " high bun tiara - on combslide and suitable for the front of bun wig  ..
Messenger Bags
Beautiful new irish dance bags to add to our range of sportswear! Designer unique logo! ..
Our unique Irish Dance Wigbag – which we have decided to rename Feisbag because it does so much m..
Custom Irish Dancing Hairbands
Custom Hairbands ...made to order. Please email FROM £30.00 ..
Number Holder – Swarovski pear drop crystal
Number Holder – Swarovski pear drop crystal ..
Number Holder – Swarovski checkerboard clear crystal
Number Holder – Swarovski checkerboard clear crystal ..
0.5 inch 3 Row Crystal Hairband
0.5 inch 3 Row Crystal Hairband ..
0.75 Inch Wide Diamonte Zig Zag Hairband
0.75 Inch Wide Diamonte Zig Zag Hairband ..
0.75 Inch Flower Clear Crystal Hairband
0.75 inch flower clear crystal hairband ..
0.75 Inch Flower Hairband with AB Crystal
0.75 inch flower hairband with ab crystal ..
1.25 Inch Leaf Hairband
1.25 inch leaf hairband  ..
4 row 0.5 inch wide diamontehairband
4 row 0.5 inch wide diamontehairband ..
Medal Holder Plaques
Beautiful self-standing medal holders (can be adapted easily to hang on wall) Hooks can hold up t..
BUCKLES crystal - choice of 3 on elastic
Secure your jig shoes and strengthen the arch with these 2 inch wide elastics with our unique cho..
Anti-friction Toe Covers
NEW! Anti-friction Toe Covers Helps protect your toes from rubs and blisters! Great f..
Anti-Slip Sole Rosin
Make Irish Dancing safer by using Anti-Slip Sole Rosin. When used on the tip and heel of the shoe..
Diamonte Sock Bands
Diamonte Sock Bands. Perfect for adding a little sparkle to socks for competition. ..
Ezeefit Blister Socks
Great, form fitting pull-on anti-blister Booties available in ultra thin only. Ankle Booties allo..