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The Best Irish Dance Wigs

Ringlet & Loose Curl Irish Dance Wigs Available

Irish Dancing Wigs from Celtic Creations - we've been known for our Dance Wigs since 1998. In that time, we've worked to get the best possible products on offer:

  • Bun Wigs
  • Full Size Wigs
  • Loose Ringlet
  • Tight Ringlet
  • Irish Dance Wig Accessories

Wigs ordered online and posted to the customer may be exchanged if returned in perfect condition, with all labels etc still attached and within a reasonable timescale.

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Caitlyn Irish Dance Small Bun Wig
Create a beautiful and neat Feis stage appearance with the smaller size Caitlyn Bun Irish dancing..
Caitlyn Irish Dancing Bun Wig
The popular Irish Dancing Caitlyn Bun Wig has large loose curls with the beautiful Cait..
Based on 1 reviews.
Caitlyn Irish Dancing Wig
Without being 'over the top', this Irish Dancing Wig gives fullness and lush curls. It has become..
Danielle Extra long Irish Dance Wig
The Danielle XTRA long Irish dancing wig -Due to the demand for a longer, lighter weight loose cu..
Based on 1 reviews.
Danielle Irish Dance Wig
The Danielle Irish dancing wig is 'roughly' the same size as the Caitlyn Irish dancing wig but wi..
Based on 1 reviews.
Aoife Irish Dance Wig -Sale Price £25
Aoife is a loose Irish dancing wig, smaller than the Caitlyn and and suitable for irish dancers u..
Bun Wig - Ringlet for Irish dancing
We have 2 sizes of Irish dance ringlet bun wigs, our original which is always popular and due to ..
Hair Donut for Irish Dancing Wigs
Hair Donuts are used to create height on the Irish dancer. In our opinion it gives the 'straight ..
Wig Stand
Use this stand to make life easier when moulding the curls back into shape. or just to let your w..
Wig Conditioning Spray
Use this conditioner after every use, spray lightly on the curls and mould them round with your f..
Magik Wand Curlers
Magik Wand Curlers (32 Curlers). Foam ''spiky'' rollers to create the curls for Irish Dancing. ..
Hair/Quiff Shaper
Hair/Quiff Shaper for Irish Dancing ..
School hairband - personalised to your school
Irish Dancing Headband, embroidered to match your costume then mounted and hand stitched onto sti..
Flat Embroidered Shaped Hairband
Made to match your costume - 3 loops attached so it can be clipped on. ..
Flat Soft Hairband
Made to match your costume, perfect if you do not wear a wig - elastic can be tightened at back t..