Jig Shoes

Huge Range of Irish Jig Shoes

Get the right fit for your Irish Dancing Shoes at Celtic Creations. We source our range of Jig shoes from the worlds higest quality manufacturers, including:

  • Antonio Pacelli
  • Fays
  • Hallmore
  • John Carey
  • Inishmore

Talk to us on 02890 622922 if you have any questions about these shoes, we have many years of fitting (and dancing) experience.

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SMALL SIZE 12-2.5 & LARGE SIZE 3+ No need to tape..
Diamante rectangle buckles
  The buckles are fixed to the front of the jig shoe by threading the shoe laces through..
Pacelli Essential Jig Shoe
The Essential jig shoe is a fabulous jig shoe for beginners and intermediate level dancers an..
Hallmore Superlite  Irish Dance Shoes
The new Superlite Prouperlite. Fitted with the world famous Sound Blaster, tips and heels as ..
Fays Ultra Lights Dance Shoes
Top Quality Handmade Irish Dance Footwear Fays new Ultra Lights Lightweight & ext..
Storm Heavy Dance Shoes
Storm Jig Shoes. The Wet-Moulded, Tight Grain fibreglass mix in the toepiece, outperforms its..
John Carey Iconic White Jig Dance Shoes
John Carey Iconic White Ultimate Iconic White Irish Dance Shoes by John Carey New imp..
John Carey Iconic Jig Dance Shoes
Iconic Irish Dance Shoes by John Carey - Also available in the Iconic White New Improved ..
Storm White Jig Shoes ( limited sizes as being discontinued)
These are being discontinued- limitied sizes This is the same shoe as the storm but with..
Inishfree Flex 55 Irish Dancing Jig Shoe
The Flex 55 is Inishfree's premium jig shoe. This dance shoe is made made from superior leather t..
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Capezio Boys Reel Dance Shoes
Popular amongst advanced dancers for some time, as the split sole allows dancers to demonstrate a..
Fays Ultra Flexi White Heavy  Dance Shoes
Fays are a very popular make - suede sole, flexible and tipped with a re-inforced millenium tip a..
Hallmore Extreme White Jig Shoes
Hallmore Ultra Flexi Sole- High Density Diamond Tip & New XXX Heel Handmade from the fine..