Wrap Skirt (unlined – personal design)


(up to 36 waist - price quoted individually after that)
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Order your individual skirt/leotard by choosing a design, Colours of embroidery may be changed. Please put any embroidery colour choices or any comments you may have in the comments section when ordering. If you are ordering for a school, please order through our school sportswear page.

TO MEASURE – stand person up straight with toe pointed and head up
Waist – this is usually not the natural waist (too high) it would be around the bellybutton region –  picture above – measure straight around body at this point
Length – measure from the ‘waist’ point above (remember with the toe pointed) down to where you want the skirt to finish. It is usually a good length about 1/2 inch above the knee with toe pointed!


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